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Bliss Welness Blood Detox & Purify Combo of Beetroot Manjishtha Neem & Curcumin Anti Acne & Anti Bacterial & Fungal Supplement - 60 Vegan Tablets

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Key Benefits : –

Blood Thinner & Purifier
Helps support Blood Cleansing
Posses Antimicrobial, Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory Properties
Helps Detox Heavy Metals
100% Vegetarian / Vegan
100% Pure, Natural and Herbal

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About this item

  • PREMIUM HERBAL COMBO : Best combo of Neem Extract 200MG Curcumin 100MG Manjishtha Extract 400MG Beet Root Powder 300MG
  • NATURAL AYURVEDIC SUPPLEMENT : Formulated with the best of Ayurveda and Science for maximum effectiveness and results.
  • BLOOD CLEANSE FORMULA : The unique health benefits of the herbal ingredients in the supplement helps maintain healthy Blood purity and allows faster detoxification.
  • NATURAL DETOX : Strong detoxification properties of Curcumin, Manjishtha, Neem and Beet Root make this supplement the optimum Blood Detox Supplement.
  • VEGETARIAN NATURAL PURE : 100% Vegetarian / Vegan, Natural, Herbal and Pure.

Important information


Beetroot, Manjistha & Turmeric Extract Curcumin, Hypromellse (Hpmc), Plant Derived Capsules


Take two Vegan HPMC capsules daily, preferably after meals. Do not exceed stated dose.

Legal Disclaimer:

Proprietary Food Supplement. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Results may vary from person to person. Children below the age of 12, pregnant or lactating women or people with certain medical conditions should consult a physician before using dietary supplements. Not for medicinal use.

Product Description

Bliss Welness Detox Bliss Blood Detox & Purify Combo of Beetroot Manjistha Turmeric Extract & Curcumin

Detox Bliss Blood Detox is powered with combination of Neem Extract, Curcumin, Manjistha Extract and Beetroots Extract.

Neem extract that significantly improves blood by removing toxins present in it and killing bacteria which cause negative effect on body. Detoxification of blood using Neem extract further improves functions od liver and kidney. Along with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, Neem also has blood purifying properties. It detoxifies the blood removing the harmful toxins that disrupts functioning of vital parts like liver and kidney.

Turmeric curcumin plays crucial role in blood thinning, purification and helps in many other ailments related to it. The spice cleans our blood and accelerates the healing process. A compound found in turmeric named curcumin can fight inflammation and most of the other problems in the body.

Turmeric also helps to generate red blood cells and its medicinal benefits can be traced back from the time of Ayurveda.

Manjistha when supplemented with Neem and Turmeric adds miraculous advantages to blood cleansing. Manjistha, commonly known as Indian Madder, is one of Ayurveda"s most popular blood purifiers. Manjistha is used to purify the lymph and support the liver. Being a blood purifier, it brightens the complexion of the body. The very meaning of the term "Manjistha" is literally "bright red". It"s been used traditionally as a coloring agent in medicinal oils

for many years. The powder of the root serves as a natural dyeing agent in many Asian countries.

Beetroots are rich in betalains which posses high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and heavy metals detoxificatiopn properties. Beetroot is said to be a natural source of nitrates and antioxidant betalains that can reduce inflammation and oxidative damage in the liver. Most studies have shown that beetroot juice helps increase the production of enzymes that naturally detoxify the body.

This inclusion combo of blood detoxifiers offers all round blood detoxification which results in an Energetic and Healthy You.


Purifies Blood

Act as Blood Thinner

Blood Cleansing

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